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'Wu Tang' | by thetrillside
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I don’t know if I will have the time to write anymore letters because I might be too busy trying to participate. So if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about, or know someone who’s gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. There are people who forget what it’s like to be 16 when they turn 17. And these will all be stories someday and all our pictures will become old photographs, and we’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories, this is happening. I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it, this one moment when you know your not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And your listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite. 

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Steez, YO


Steez, YO

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Joe | I Wanna Know

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Childish Gambino | Sober 

-Justin (fuckyeahslowjams)

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